S.S. Pipes & Tubes Manufacturing

At the core of all our products, is a zealously acquired expertise powered with modern innovative techniques, that enables us to deliver products confirming various specifications. Our manufacturing set-up boasts of a 60,500 Sq. Ft area and latest machines that allow us to manufacture international grade products at competitive costs. In addition to our advanced manufacturing, we also have a meticulous material handling system that overlooks the inflow of materials right from procurement to delivery. The manufacturing facility operates at a production capacity of 8000 Metric Tons annually and is flexible enough to handle custom orders of any size.

We maintain an inventory of at least 1000 Metric Tons of materials that are commonly used in our processes to ensure consistent production. We also have a strong network of suppliers to procure custom materials and thereby always meet the requirements of our clients within the desired time frames.

Geographical boundaries are not a constraint for us when it comes to maintenance of quality standards. We also package our products in a manner that makes them sustainable suitable for long distance commute. Coupled with well structured logistical arrangements of delivery, we are able to fulfill the demands of our clients wherever they are.

Manufacturing Process: